Well hello there...
my name is Joanne, I'm the alien-loving, true-crime podcasting listening, the cool girl behind the chair perfecting your lashes and brows. I have been in the beauty industry for about six years exploring the most innovative techniques and products available. 
Originally from the border city of El Paso, Texas, I migrated to Denver, Colorado to push myself in believing and knowing I can do whatever the hell I want and succeed. So naturally, with my love for lash extensions, brow services, and my do whatever the hell I want mindset I created microLashn' Brow. 
I created microLashn' Brow with the intent of making this is a place where my clients, future clients, and fellow beauty artists can come share, learn, and discover what is possible.
I want my clients to feel free to do whatever the hell they want to make them love themselves in every way possible. I want my fellow and new artist to know they can do whatever the hell you want in this industry, whether you do hair, nails, lashes, or brows. Do whatever the hell you want.